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Websites That Connect

Create a website from beautiful easy to use blocks that work on any device and instantly connect your website to your business on PaidToday. Included with your PaidToday subscription, take advantage of the most powerful bundle you'll find!

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A Professional Web Presence To Make Your Business Shine

Fully functioning responsive websites built in less than an hour
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Easy to use drag and drop blocks with customizable options


Every page is automatically adapted to be accessible for both desktop and mobile devices


Simple to understand analytics regarding the web traffic that your site is receiving


Seamlessly and fully integrated into the PaidToday app, allowing new prospects and returning customers to easily enter your pipeline


Instantly receive notifications when a new contact is added through the forms on your website


Automatic SEO and OpenGraph implementations, making your site easy to find and appealing to share


Have your own domain? No problem! In just a few simple steps your custom domain can point directly to your new website!


New prospects and returning customers have the capability and ease of booking or requesting an appointment with you directly from your website


Website automations, workflows, and campaigns. Bring in a rich personalized experience for your clients

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PaidToday offers a full suite of business management tools, paired with full automatic integrations, such as booking widgets on your website to seamless contact creation and updates to tracking through your sales process

Create Free Customer Account

Sign up for a free customer account. Every PaidToday user has a Personal (customer) account. This is used to purchase products, services, or courses from vendors.

Create Business on PaidToday

Click the "Create Business" button once signed in.

Update Business Details

Fill in and update your business's details. If there's a field that you don't know off the top of your head, you can always come back or enter a placeholder value until you return and fully complete your business profile.

Create Booking Configuration

With PaidToday's custom booking configurations, you can easily and quickly define the days and times that your new prospects and returning customers can request or book appointments with you and your team.

Customize Website

Build and customize your website with the Page Builder. Use the installed blocks from either the simple or advanced page builders, dive right into the html, css, and javascript in the expert page builder, or purchase an installable pageset template from the marketplace to start out with a designed website that you can then customize.

Analyze and Revise

After your page is up and running, make sure to check out your traffic results. Analyze and revise based on what is working and converting.

We help businesses get more clients while enhancing the client-business relationship, increase efficacy, and reduce overhead.

And it all starts with pairing your website to your business software

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