Why does my business need a website?

Websites are a unique web presence for your business that cannot be duplicated or offered anywhere else

"My business has a Facebook Page, a Facebook Group, an Instagram, a Pinterest, a Snapchat, and even a PaidToday account. Why does it also need a website? Aren't websites antiquated? Plus I don't even know how to code, how am I supposed to set up a website?"

This is a very common train of thought for many small businesses and even freelancers who don't understand the complete picture of how a website supports, and even drives, your business. And that's okay. When you first start a business, you're focusing on growth, delivery, and providing value, while the notion of registering a domain, building a website (or paying someone to build it), and driving traffic to it seems like it's out of reach at the time. However, setting up a website is one of the most important things that you can do for your business, especially early on. Here are five reasons why your business will benefit from a website:

1. Unique Web Presence

Having a website with your own unique custom domain is like staking out your claim on the internet. If you think of the internet as a physical world, your website is the claimed land that you own, control, and maintain. It's a place where both potential and returning customers can come find you. This space is completely unique to your business. Additionally, it will allow you to use some integration tools if your CRM and sales software is connected. For example, with PaidToday Pages, your own custom booking widget can be added to your funnel page, booking page, or website so that new prospect and returning customers alike can request or schedule sessions with you and your business.

2. More Control

Websites offer you more control over what content, the format, and your global pipeline process. For example, a business that relies only on the information that they can display on their Facebook and Instagram accounts will miss out on some of the unique abilities of a website. A website should not only be a place where potential customers and customers can find information about your business, but it should also contain several specifically placed CTAs. A CTA is a Call To Action. This can range from anything from leading them through your page or website that asking or promoting for them to "Learn More" by submitting an inquiry on a form on your website to a "Buy Now" button on your hero image that will lead them through the purchase process. Letting your audience know where to click and how to purchase from you is just as important as the ability to do so. This level of control specific to a campaign or your pipeline process isn't always available on the social platforms. A website for your business is one more lever for taking full control of your business.

Content and format control are aspects of a website that can be critical for customer conversion, your brand awareness, and making sure that your mission is well represented. If you are not experienced in design or online sales, make sure to get feedback on you site. Here are a few general questions that will help you decide on what elements to leave, improve on, or scrap completely: What's the feel? Was it easy to find the information that you wanted to know? If you wanted to purchase a product or procure a service, was it easy to see where and how to do that?

3. Automation

Automation doesn't have be this nebulous scary thing that you fear will strip away the human element of your business. Automate the processes that make sense for your business, and keep the personalized human-to-human aspect that supports your brand. Websites allow an automated on-boarding and pipeline influx when set up correctly. If a contact form (or any form) is on your website, when submitted it can be automatically entered into your CRM, allowing you to nurture the prospect through your pipeline. This is another avenue to gain prospects, which you can then later convert to customers.

Find out how Paid Today and Paid Today Pages integrate seamlessly, resulting in automated contact addition, instant notifications, and comprehensive insights into your traffic.

4. Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are typically a free report, guide, insight, or tool hosted or accessible by your website that you give away at the cost of gaining a subscriber to your newsletter or their contact information. They can work extremely well, depending on your industry, service, and audience. They will help introduce your business and your brand to the customer. You get their contact information, or at the very least an opted-in email address, and they get a valuable freebie. The exchange of information is only one procedural step away from actually purchasing a product, so when the idea is introduced to them it's not a foreign or absurd notion. What are some branded reports, guides, courses, or tools that you can provide potential customers? And also equally as important, is your website configured to handle automatic contact additions based on the converting traffic base who is submitting these forms?

5. Credibility

Even though you may think that websites are not a necessity for your business, look through the eyes of your prospects. Is more information, across multiple platforms and avenues better than only a Facebook page and an Instagram account? Having a website gives your business and brand an implicit credibility. It should be noted however that if your website is stuck in the stereotypical "MySpace Era", then it may be a detriment. There are so many soloprenurial and small businesses that literally only have a Facebook page and a meager Google Maps entry that a potential customer might question if you're even still in business, how clean and professional their purchase experience will be, or how responsiveness customer support will be even if they do purchase from you. The more friction that you can alleviate while they are still in their research phase can be a difference maker if you get a new client or not. This diverse array of visibility will result in an inferred credibility for both your business and brand.

PaidToday offers a free block style webpage editor with a valid PaidToday business subscription. More than just a website builder, it will automatically SEO your pages for optimal search ranking and visibility. If you would like some professional help in building your own website, you can contact us at [email protected] and we'll put you in contact with an authorized PaidToday website specialist who will be able to help you pinpoint exactly what you're looking for and bring your website to fruition.

If you'd like to do some research on your own, we have several pages on how to hook up your custom domain name, add your Google Analytics code, or add a new page set within the PaidToday Website Builder.

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